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System Administration

System Administration services provide installation, management, and support for servers running the Linux and Windows operating systems. Services include system and software installation, configuration, management, patching, backups and recovery planning, and troubleshooting and responding to incidents.

System Installation and Upgrades

Our skilled system administrators manage the tedious framework organization and design equipment and OS support for our clients.

Network monitoring & opimization

Focus can solve these issues by giving system network monitoring and optimization services on a task premise.

Performance Analysis

Performance Analysis can analyze the bandwidth upgrade costs, lessen network congestion and free up assets for different applications.

Network administration

Inside this administration, we give exhaustive help of wired and wireless networks, ensuring the ceaseless execution of system framework for both small & and extensive organizations.

Security Management and Firewall Configuration

A high-performance Firewall is a basic foundation segment to encourage secure, consistent access to cloud administrations.

Server & workstation repair & maintainence

At PURPS, we offer our customers a special appraisal to help examine their OEM support agreements and see precisely which gadgets can be upheld in a more moderate manner, without trading off their execution.

Backup Assurance, Recovery

We perform data backup and recovery services that analyze and plan backup and recovery procedures to guarantee the progression of your business condition via robotizing and keeping up mission basic procedures of all venture frameworks, applications, and hardware.

Managed upgrades & deployments

After some time, IT conditions develop, frameworks age, and new forms of utilizations and frameworks are discharged. PURPS can aid your arrangement, overhaul and movement needs.

Remote management

Remote Management Services have gained tremendous fame over the previous decade.

SYN setup

In SYN the host/client process of setting up a TCP/IP association with a server at each conceivable port.SYN filtering is otherwise called half-open checking.

Support load balancing, clustering, etc

Load Balancing Service goes about as a product based load balancer to the Web Server level.

SSL Certification & Implementaion of email server

The issuance of SSL Certificates with inside server names and saved IP addresses in the CN and SAN esteems is one of the featuring factor of our firm.

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